The Future of Java3D

This message was sent to the Java3D interest list on the 5th Nov 2001.

To the Java 3D Community -

As you may be aware, Sun's engineering investment in Java 3D has been scaled back. We have had to make some hard choices due to the overall economic climate. We already have a robust 1.2.1 product, which many of you are using successfully . We will also release Java 3D, Version 1.3 in the near future with all of the features that are described in the 1.3_alpha2 specification (JSR-912). We aim to have the Beta version of 1.3 available by the end of this calendar year. The FCS release of Java 3D, Version 1.3 should be available in Q2, CY 2002. We are evaluating how to best proceed and continue with Java 3D in light of the current economic situation. We will be in touch regarding future Java 3D releases and timelines.

Should you have any concerns regarding this, please contact us.

Michael A. Schulman
Product Line Manager - Media Tools and API's
SUN Microsystems
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Palo Alto, CA 94303-4900

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