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23 Nov 2006

Java3D 1.5.0 is now released for you to play with. It can be downloaded in the normal location. In addition a plan for the J3D 1.5.1 release is also available. The goal is to have a release around May 2007.

14 Nov 2006

A little while ago we had several hard drive crashes in a row, both of the server and then a development laptop, leading to a loss of a lot of stuff. It appears that the news page here has lost a few announcements, so here's the catch up:

Java3D 1.5.0 Beta 2 is available for download. This is the last release before the final and only showstopper bugs will be fixed. (announcement) Download the latest here and release notes.

Our SWT OpenGL bindings have improved again. A new version, 0.6 is available. We've now added support for Mac universal, Solaris/Sparc and 32/64 bit linux/x86 machines.

The 1.0 FCS release of the JOGL Reference Implementation is now available too. The release announcement over on the JGO forums contains all the useful information about downloads etc. There is a 1.0.1 release coming soon with several bug fixes to be incorporated.

5 Sept 2006

It's been a long time since the last set of news. Not too much happening right now with all the various projects. However, last Friday JOAL 1.1 beta 2 was released. Unfortunately several major problems quickly surfaced with the JWS handling on Mac OS X. These have now been fixed in the daily builds. If you'd like the last stable build download from here, or head to the JOAL home page for the daily build download.

8 June 2006

Beta 5 of the JOGL JSR-231 Reference Implementation is now available for download, release notes. This is the last beta release before the 1.0 FCS, so get in and test it now to find those last remaining bugs.

7 June 2006

Two important releases from us today. Firstly we have the next version of our SWT OpenGL bindings to play with. This provides a native implementation of the JSR 231 APIs that work with the SWT toolkit. We work on both Win32 and OS X PPC. Universal binaries for OS X as well as Linux 32/64 bit versions should be available within the next few days once we get machines capable of testing them.

The other is the first beta release of the Aviatrix3D 2.0 API. This is a major restructure featuring many new capabilities, using the JSR 231 APIs, and will run both AWT/Swing and SWT/Eclipse environments. Incidenttaly, to support these we also needed to make Eclipse plugin versions of the JOAL (OpenAL) bindings so we have a page where you can download those separately if needed.

6 June 2006

Java3D 1.5.0 Build 3 is now available for you to play with ( Release notes). Why is this important? Well it is the first release that includes the JOGL renderer pipeline, meaning Java3D can now be easily run on a lot of platforms that it was not available on or slow to stay up to date on before - such as Mac OS X, HP-UX and more.

8 May 2006

If you're attending JavaOne this year, the schedule for the Java 3D/JOGL events is now online. There should also be quite a few demos on the exhibition floor.

25 April 2006

Two Java3D releases are now out for you to play with. A minor bug fix release for Java3D 1.4.0_01 (release notes) as well as Build 2 for 1.5.

22 April 2006

JOGL JSR 231 Beta 4 was released last Thursday. There's a few minor API changes in the utility classes, a lot of work optimising the Java2D OpenGL pipeline in Mustang, and plenty of documentation updates, including links back to the original C function declarations. The details can be found in this JGO forum posting.

16 April 2006

Some of our own news for a change. We're happy to announce the release of version 0.9 of the core code repository and version 1.1 of Aviatrix3D. These are mostly bug-fix releases and correspond to the 1.0 FCS release of the Xj3D Toolkit for loading and playing X3D and VRML files. This will be the first of a couple of releases over the next few days, which include the next version of SWT bindings to the JSR-231 codebase, and the first development release of Aviatrix3D 2.0.

24 Feb 2006

Java3D 1.4 FCS is out. Builds are available for download for Solaris, linux and Windows. No Mac version. If you'd like to read about changes from 1.3.x, here's the release notes. Work is now going to head into the new 1.5 capabilities.

21 Feb 2006

JOGL JSR 231 Beta 3 was released last Friday. There's a few minor API changes and plenty of documentation updates. The biggest change is that the package com.sun.opengl.utils was renamed to com.sun.opengl.util (singular form now). The details can be found in this JGO forum posting.

8 Feb 2006

Java3D 1.4 beta 4 is out. Latest changes include installers for all platforms. This will be last release before the FCS with only a 2 week cycle. Find it at the usual place

29 Jan 2006

The Java OpenAL project has been put back into active development mode again. After some refactoring of the JOGL code, the JOAL code now uses the same compilation setup. A lot of smaller API changes have also taken place, A complete listing of the changes are mentioned in this JGO forums post.

7 Jan 2006

Java3D 1.4 Beta 3 is now out. There's only one more beta release expected, and that is basically this code wrapped in a native installer for most platforms. You can find the zips of everything at the usual place.