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3 Dec HP have announced the release of Java3D 1.3 for HP-UX/PA-RISC. More information can be found here. Note that the documentation is saying 1.3, not 1.3.1, which is the latest release of Java3D. We're seeking further clarification on whether it really is the older version or not.

31 Oct

Finally! A preview release of Java3D for Mac has been made available! There's an official press release that can be found here. Only runs on MacOS X 10.3, but it's better than nothing.

25 Sept

Many people have been asking about the Volume Rendering demo code and content. There was one wrong link on the site and the NSCA links had gone out of commision. Doug Gehringer has provided us with all the files and they're now up on the FTP site at

16 Sept

SGI have released Java3D 1.3.1 for IRIX. You can download it here. We've been running this on some Onyx boxes, and the performance is quite disappointing relative to other graphics applications. We're looking into what optimisations may need to be done in addition to the basic install.

27 July

The final two developers working on Java3D have been sacked by Sun. That means there is no official support coming from them, and obviously no further development. At this point Java3D is effectively dead, unless the various community efforts can convince Sun to release all or part of the source. We're keeping track of the various efforts with replacement scene graphs and also expect to see further announcements from us too with respect to where the site is going in the future.

16 May

Sun has announced the FCS release of Java3D 1.3.1. Go fetch from the usual place.