2002 News Archives

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Conference Information

  • Siggraph 2002, San Diego, USA
  • JavaOne 2002, March 25 - 29, San Francisco, USA.
  • Web3d Symposium, February 24-28, Austin Texas.



30 Apr 1.3 Beta 2 is now available. This fixes a huge number of bugs from previous beta releases. There are also a number of performance improvements and a couple of new properties introduced, but no major functional changes.

8 Mar 1.2.1_04 is now available If you've been having problems with JDK 1.4 and Java3D 1.2.1, this release will fix that. No other bugs have been fixed. Expect the 1.3beta2 release within the next couple of weeks (hopefully around JavaOne).

3 Mar JavaOne tutorials and BOFs that cover 3D graphics is now available.

2 Mar We've all heard lots of stories about Java3D being used in non-PC environments. Sometimes, as we've been struggling through to get our stereo glasses working, we've wondering whether these stories were really true. Well, at least now there is some solid evidence. A CAVE environment in Canada is being used for genome and genetic research and uses Java3D as the rendering API. See, it can be done!

28 Feb Daniel Selman has released a new Java3D book. From Manning, it is titled Java 3D Programming it covers all the serious topics needed to get you from beginner to intermediate programmer, with particular emphasis on optimisation techniques. Heaps of code too, some of which has already made it into our own repository here.

10 Feb is on a new home. Hosted by iKestrel we now have heaps of bandwidth (well at least compared to the old site)

9 Feb Due to popular demand, we have created a separate discussion list devoted to terrain rendering with java3D. This is a huge topic area, and many of the current techniques are specific to OpenGL, so this is about trying to do the same things, but with the Java3D API instead. If you are interested, you can find more details in the Mailing Lists page.

8 Feb Version 0.6 of the code repository is released! Lots of new goodies such as terrain rendering, 2D overlays, texture management and heaps more.