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31 Dec Blackdown have released the latest Linux ports of JDK1.2.1_03 and 1.3 Beta 1. Lots of links, so have a look at the downloads page for more information.

2 Dec Through the cracks of the j3d-interest list slipped the posting of the latest performance guide for Java 3D 1.3. We've grabbed it and formatted to fit in with the site - check it out

21 Oct Java 3D 1.3 Beta 1 is released for us to play with. Many performance improvements, and finally transparent objects are correctly rendered! Currently only Win32 and Solaris is available, but the other major vendors are promising releases within the next week or so. For non-Solaris/Win32 ports, please keep visiting the Download Page for more information.

10 Nov A lot of big news items recently. Most importantly is what is happening at Sun with the layoffs and the effects on the future development of Java3D. Michael Schulmann, Sun's line manager for Java3D and JAI, sent this statement to the java3d-interest list.

Drivers Galore! Spaceball 4000/3003 drivers are on their way into the code repository. Wait a day or so. Overlay code is now a part and more code is on the way shortly. We expect to release the first TAR/Zip files shortly. In addition, Virtu Halttunen has released a set of GyberGlove and FastTrack drivers under the BSD license to use.

6 Oct We've moved! After a year of hassles I've finally given in and moved the site to a hosting site, run by one of the members of the J3D community. Joel Shellman has volunteered put almost all the site onto his system - iKestrel. Please thank him for his kind contribution and maybe even support them by signing up your site with them.

4 Oct SGI have finally caught up - 1.2.1 pre-Beta (I suppose that means alpha....) is now available for download.

16 August BOF Report from Siggraph 2001 in Los Angeles.

2 August Java3D 1.2.1 patch 02 is now available! As usual, a collection of bug fixes but not functionality changes.

21 June Here's one that quietly slipped by un-noticed! IBM have released an implementation of Java 3D for AIX. This is the latest 1.2.1 release and can be found on their AlphaWorks site. A direct link to the project page is available on our download page

9 June A fresh report on the Java3D BOF held at JavaOne. Some details on where Java3D v1.4 is likely to be heading.

17 May And the translations keep on rolling in. This time Yukio Andoh has provided a Japanese translation of the FAQ. Note that we are actively seeking translations for the FAQ and even the whole site.

10 May We have our first translation! A spanish version of the FAQ can be found here. We are looking at the possibility of having a full virtual domain and further translation of the rest of the site, so stay tuned. Also, if you want to do a translation into any other language please contact us!

5 April Java 3D 1.2.1 patch 01 is released. Fetch

15 March The FCS release of 1.2.1 is out! Go Fetch

9 March J3dFly The Sun Java 3D TM Fly Through application shows developers how to use Java 3D and take advantage of some of the capabilities within Java 3D. It can be used as a demonstration platform, or as code examples for developers to incorporate into their own applications.

1 March Details of the JavaOne courses for 2001 one are now available.

16 Feb The new Code Collection is now available. This is our contribution to the online community. OpenSource code for all areas of Java3D, licensed under the GNU LGPL. This is under active development and constantly expanding to accommodate new code and areas from the interest list and your contributions.

25 Jan Java 3D 1.2.1 Beta 2 is now out for Win32 and Solaris at the \ early access area. Go fetch!

6 Jan Web3D 2001 Symposium is on it's way again. 19 - 22 Feb in Paderborn, Germany. See the Conference website for more details.