2000 News Archives

Conference Information

  • Siggraph 2000 July 23-29, New Orleans, USA
  • JavaOne 2001 June, San Francisco, USA.
  • Web3d February, Monterey, USA.



10 November Java 3D 1.2.1 Beta 1 is now available for download through the early acces area of the Java Developer Connection. Lots of bug fixes and a lot of work on performance optimisations. Get it, test it and let them know how it's going.

18 September The File Loaders Archive have been moved from Bill Day's old site to here! Please check them out. At the same time, we've introduced areas to collect AudioDevice and InputDevice implementations as well. You will find these all in the Utilities section of this site.

21 August Web3D 2001 call for papers is now online.

3 August Java3D 1.2 for Linux has been released. See the download page for more info. 9 July Added a summary of Java 3D content at Siggraph 2000

7 July The beta DirectX implementation of Java 3D 1.2 is Now available

2nd June The Java 3D API Specification, Second Edition has been released.

24th May Sun seem to have found their missing files. So I've removed the local copy and also the links from these pages. Updates have been made to the download page for the new location.

More updates for other implementations. Seems Blackdown have snuck out a final release of 1.1.3. (no news on a 1.2 implementation). SGI have done the same. Check out the Download Page for links etc.

23rd May Added new Quick Fix tutorial on how to implement automatic installation of Java 3D.

22nd May Sun seem to have lost the the pages for the download of the DirectX version of Java 3D 1.1.3. As a community service (and direct violation of their usual licensing clauses), we've got a version here for http download. Note we've had a couple of reports that it doesn't work correctly. We're looking into it!.

17th May Java 3D 1.2 has been released for Windows and Solaris. Go to the Download section to find the links for those downloads.

31st Mar Added a new Download section for quick access to Java 3D implementations from all vendors.

23rd Mar Blackdown Java 3D 1.1.3 RC1 Released.

10th Mar Java 3D FAQ updated

16th Feb FTP services added. There is now an ftp area at to grab stuff. There isn't much there currently, but you should expect stuff shortly.

The next step is to add some scripting/form type pages to enter news items!